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Liquid Malt Extract


Briess Golden Light LME 33lb Growler $78.00

Briess Amber LME 33lb Growler $78.00


Alexander's Pale Malt Extract LME $13.00


Briess White Sorghum Syrup $10.95

Briess Bavarian Wheat LME $10.95

Briess Traditional Dark $10.95

Briess Golden Light $10.95


Muntons Wheat $13.25

Muntons Maris Otter $13.25

Muntons Light $13.25

Muntons Hopped Light $13.25

Muntons Extra Light $13.25

Muntons Dark $13.25

Muntons Amber $13.25


Briess Wheat $10.95

Briess Special Dark $10.95

Briess CBW Sparkling Amber $10.95

Briess CBW Golden Light $10.95

Briess CBW Munich LME $10.95

Briess Pilsen Light LME $10.95

Briess Porter LME $11.95

Dry Malt Extract


Briess CBW Pilsen Light CME 3lb $11.95

Briess CBW Pilsen Light DME 1lb $4.65

Briess CBW Golden Light DME 3lb $11.95

Briess CBW Golden Light DME 1lb $4.65

Briess CBW Bavarian Wheat DME 3lb $11.95

Briess Bavarian Wheat DME 1lb $4.65

Briess CBW Traditional Dark 1lb $11.95

Briess CBW Sparkling Amber 3lb $4.65

Briess Sparkling Amber 1lb $11.95

Amber 1lb $4.65

Amber 3lb $11.95

Bavarian Wheat 1lb $4.65

Bavarian Wheat 3lb $11.95

Dark 1lb $4.65

Dark 3lb $11.95

Golden Light 1lb $4.65

Golden Light 3lb $11.95

Pilsen 1lb $4.65

Pilsen 3lb $11.95

Briess CBW Traditional Dark 3lb $11.95

Briess Extra Special Roast 1lb $2.25

Briess Caracrystal Wheat Malt 1lb $2.50

Briess Roasted Barkley 10lb $19.50

Briess Chocolate Malt 10lb $21.00

Briess Cara Brown Malt $2.25

Briess Victory Malt 10lb $20.00

Briess Vienna Malt 10lb $17.50

Briess Munich Malt 10L 1lb $1.85

Briess 2-Row Malt 50lb $1.09

Briess 2-Row Malt 10lb $12.80

Briess 2-row Malt 50lb $1.09

Briess 6-Row Malt 1lb. $1.60

Briess 6 Row 10lb $12.40

Briess Black Malt 1lb $2.25

Briess Blackprinz Malt 1lb $2.37

Briess Caramel Malt 10L $2.10

Briess Caramel Malt 40L $2.25

Briess Caramel Malt 60L $2.25

Briess Caramel Malt 80L $2.10

Briess Caramel Malt 90L $2.10

Briess Caramel Malt 120L $2.10

Briess Carapils Malt 10lb $20.00

Briess Chocolate Malt $2.25

Briess Distiller's Malt 10lb $12.99

Briess Midnight Wheat Malt $2.40

Briess Pale Ale Malt 50lb $1.25

Briess Red Wheat Malt 1lb $2.00

Briess Red Wheat Malt 10lb $19.70

Briess Roasted Barley Unmalted 1lb $2.20

Briess Rye Malt 1lb $2.40

Briess Rye Malt 10lb $20.00

Briess Smoke Malt 1lb $2.85

Briess Special Roast Malt 1lb $2.20

Briess Victory Malt 10lb $2.00

Briess Vienna Malt 1lb $1.95

Briess White Wheat Malt 10lb $20.00

Briess White Wheat Malt $2.00

Dingemans Chocolate Malt $2.50

Dingemans Aromatic Malt 1lb $2.15

Dingemans Aromatic Malt 10lb $12.50

Dingemans Biscuit Malt 1lb $2.35

Dingemans Biscuit Malt 10lb $17.50

Dingemans Cara 8 Malt $2.25

Dingemans Cara 20 Malt $2.25

Dingemans Cara 45 Malt $2.35

Dingemand Chocolate Malt $2.50

Dingemans Pale Malt 1lb $2.15

Dingemans Pale Ale Malt 10lb $15.00

Dingemans Pilsen Malt 1lb $2.15

Dingemans Pilsen Malt 10lb $16.40

Dingemans Special B Malt $2.50

Avangard Wheat Malt 10lb $1.95

Avangard Munich Malt 55lb $2.05

Avangard Cara Malt 30L 1lb $1.75

Avangard Carmel Medium Malt 1lb $1.75

Avangard Munich Malt 1lb $1.95

Avangard Munich Malt 10lb $19.50

Avangard Pilsen Malt 55lb $1.10

Avangard Dark Munich Malt 10lb $16.50

Glossy Yellow PVC Shrink Capsules $2.50

Irish Stout 2 Row Malt 1lb $1.45

Simpson's Golden Promise Malt 1lb $1.55

Crisp Brown Malt 1lb $3.45

Muntons Amber Malt 1lb $2.35

Muntons Black Malt 1lb $2.00

Muntons Chocolate Malt 1lb $2.00

Muntons Crystal 40L 1lb $2.10

Muntons Crystal Malt 40L 10lb $19.50

Muntons Crystal 60L 1lb $2.00

Muntons Crystal Malt 60L 10lb $19.50

Muntons Crystal Malt 90L 1lb $2.15

Muntons Crystal Dark Malt 1lb $2.00

Muntons Lager Malt 1lb $2.00

Muntons Lager Malt 1lb $2.00

Muntons Maris Otter Malt 10lb $15.00

Muntons Maris Otter 55lb $1.30

Muntons Pale Ale Tipple Malt 1lb $2.00

Muntons Roasted Black Barley Unmalted 1lb $2.00

Muntons Wheat Malt 1lb $2.25

Muntons Wheat Malt 10lb $15.20

Lallemand Munich Classic Yeast$4.95

Fermfast 24 Hour Turbo Yeast$6.50

Fermfast 48Hour Turbo Yeast$5.25

WLP775 English Cider Yeast $7.25 (White Labs Yeast)

Wyeast Pacman Yeast

Lallemand Windsor Ale Yeast $3.95

German Wheat #3333 $8.00

German Ale Yest #1007 $8.00

Brettanomyces Bruxellensis 644 $7.25

Berliner Weisse $7.25

Bedford British Yeast $7.25

American Hefeweizen Yeast #320 $7.25

Wyeast: Belgian Ale $8.00

Wyeast: British Ale $8.00

Wyeast: Irish Ale $8.00

Wyeast: London ESB $8.00

Wyeast: Bavarian Wheat $8.00

Wyeast: Belgian Wit $8.00

Wyeast: French Saison $8.00

Wyeast: Kolsch $8.00

Wyeast: American $8.00

Wyeast: London Ale $8.00

Red Star Premier Cuvée $0.75

Red Star Pasteur Red $0.75

Red Star Pasteur Champagne $0.75

Red Star Montrachet $0.75

Red Star Côte des Blancs $0.75

Lalvin V1116 $0.99

Lalvin RC212 $0.99

Lalvin EC 1118 $0.99

Lalvin D47 $0.99

Lalvin 71B-1122 $0.99

Lactobacillus $7.25

Hefeweizen lV $7.25

Ger./Kolsch $7.25

Brettanomyces Bruxellensis 650 $7.25

Belgian Wit #400 $7.25

Belgian Sour Mix #655 $7.25

Yeast nutrient 2oz $1.25

Yeast Energizer 1oz $1.10

Trapist ale yeast $7.25

Sweet meade/wine yeast $7.25

Super high gravity ale yeast $7.25

Southern German Larger Yeast $7.25

San Francisco Lager Yeast $7.25

Saison Ale yeast $7.25

Saflager S34/70 $6.00

Safbrew WB-06 dry wheat beer $3.45

Safbrew T-58 dry brewing yeast $2.00

Pacific ale yeast $7.25

Oktoberfest ale yeast $7.25

Nottingham Yeast $3.85

Neutral Grain Yeast $7.25

Muntons Gold yeast $2.65

Muntons ale yeast $1.00

London ale yeast $7.25

Irish ale yeast $7.25

German lager yeast $7.25

German bock ale yeast $7.25

Essex Ale Yeast $7.25

English cider yeast $7.25

English ale yeast $7.25

Edinburgh Scotish ale yeast $7.25

East Midlands Ale Yeast $7.50

East coast ale yeast $7.25

Dry English ale yeast $7.25

Czech Budejovice Ale Yeast $7.25

Cry Havoc Ale Yeast $7.25

Champagne Yeast $7.25

California V Ale Yeast $7.25

California Ale Yeast $7.25

Burton Ale Yeast $7.25

British Ale Yeast #5 $7.25

Belle Saison Yeast $4.54

Belgian Golden Yeast #570 $7.25

Belgian Ale Yeast #550 $7.25

Bavarian Weizen Yeast #351 $7.25

American Whisky Yeast $7.25

Abby Ale Yeast #530 $7.25

American Ale Yeast #60 $7.25

American Pilsner Yeast $7.25

At Omega Yeast, our propagation process is designed to produce. We are only the second shop in OHIO to carry them, Omega Yeast Labs is proud to offer home brew pitches of select strains. Available at better brew supply shops in 19 states and 3 provinces (and counting). At Omega Yeast, our propagation process is designed to produce metabolically strong yeast that result in healthy fermentations. As a result of genetic differences, we have observed strain to strain variation in cell counts under identical growth conditions. Through our proprietary process, we generate the optimal number of yeast cells, which varies from strain from strain, to yield the best and most consistent performance for each particular strain. Thus, for most of the strains in our collection, our home brew pitches contain at least 150 billion viable yeast cells at packaging.

All are $7.75 Compare to Northern Brewer at $8.99!!

Saisonstein's Monster
The first in our hybrid series. A genetic hybrid combining the robust fermentation of French Saison with the flavor characteristics of Belgian Saison. Created by and available only from OMEGA YEAST LABS.
  • Flocculation: Med.-Low
  • Temp range:65-78*
  • Attenuation:80-90%
  • Alcohol tolerance: High

Isolated from a famous IPA brewed in Vermont. Produces a uniquie ester profile reminiscent of peaches. The strain COMPLIMENTS an aggressive use of hops
  • Flocculation: Med.-Low
  • Temp. range: 60-73
  • Attenuation: 72-80%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: High

West Coast Ale I
Clean crisp flavor characteristics with low fruitiness and mild ester production. A very versatile yeast for styles that desire dominant malt and hop character. A very popular "house" Strain. May yield citrus notes with cooler fermentation 60-66*.
  • Flocculation: Med.-Low
  • Temp. range: 60-73
  • Attenuation: 73-80%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11%ABV
  • Compares to WY-1056 and WLP001

Hothead Ale
An Ale strain of Norwegian origin that has an outstandingly wide temperature range (62-98*) with little difference in flavor profile across the whole range. Temperature control is unnecessary with this strain. It has a unique fruitiness that makes it complimentary to modern hop varieties.
  • Flocculation: Med.-Low
  • Temp. range: 60-73
  • Attenuation: 73-80%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11%ABV
  • Compares to WY-1056 and WLP001

Hefeweizen Ale
The most popular German wheat beer strain used worldwide. Produces a balance of banana esters and clove phenolics that can be skewed depending on various conditions .e.g. increased ester production through increased fermentation temp., or increasing the wort density and decreasing the pitch rate or overpitching to reduce or eliminate the banana character. Decreasing the ester level allows higher clove character to be perceived. Sulfur is produced but dissipates with conditioning. Suggested headspace of 33% is recommended.
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Temp. range: 64-75*
  • Attenuation: 80-90%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%ABV
  • Compare to: WY3068 and WLP-300

British Ale I
Allows Malt and Hop character to dominate the profile. Highly flocculant and highly attenuative. Ferments down to 64*.
  • Flocculation: Med - High
  • Temp. range: 64-72*
  • Attenuation: 70-80%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%ABV
  • Compare to WY1098 and WLP007

British Ale VIII
A classic ESB best suited for English styles including Milds, Bitters and Porters and English style stouts. Ales produce with this strain tend to be fruity, increasingly so with higher fermentation temps of 70-74* Although a diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete. This yeast will leave a beer very clear, and will leave some residual sweetness.
  • Flocculation: Very High
  • Temp. range: 64-72*
  • Attenuation: 70-80%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 9% ABV
  • Compare to WY1968 and WLP002

Irish Ale
A Popular choice for dark beers and high gravity beers. Beers fermented at the lower temp. range produce a dry, crisp profile with subtle fruitiness. Fruit and complex esters will increase with fermentation temps. are above 64*
  • Flocculation: Med.
  • Temp. range: 62-72*
  • Attenuation: 69-75%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 12%ABV

Belgian Ales:
Belgian Ale A
Versatile strain for the production of classic Belgian Style ales. This strain produces a beautiful balance of delicate fruit esters and subtle spicy notes, with neither one dominating. Unlike many other Belgian strains, this one is highly flocculant and results in bright beers.
  • Flocculation: High
  • Temp. range: 65-78*
  • Attenuation: 72-85%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 12%ABV
  • Compare to WY3522 and WLP550

Belgian Ale W
Classic strain for producing Belgian dubbel or Belgian tripel. This strain produces a nice balance of fruity esters and phenolics, making it desirable for use in other Belgian style ales as well. A true top - cropping yeast, additional headspace is recommended. It has a broad temp. range as well.
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Temp. range: 64-78*
  • Attenuation: 74-78%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11-12%

Bayern Lager
A lager strain hailing from Munich's oldest brewery. It produces low sulfur and low diacetyl, and works in a wide temp range resulting in clean crisp lagers.
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Temp. range: 51-62*
  • Attenuation: 74-78%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11-12%

Bayern Lager
A lager strain hailing from Munich's oldest brewery. It produces low sulfur and low diacetyl, and works in a wide temp range resulting in clean crisp lagers.
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Temp. range: 51-62*
  • Attenuation: 74-78%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11-12%

Where's Da Funk Blend #1
A blend of a mild Brettanomyces isolate from a Colorado brewery known for its Brett beers and two strains formerly classified as Brettanomyces, but since found to be Saccharomyces. This blend produces huge tropical fruit aromas during fermentation that fade somewhat during conditioning. Has a wide Temp range and ferments very dry leaving little body. Consider adding flaked oats if additional body is desired. This blend will not produce significant "funk" or acid with extended aging.The blend pairs well with fruity hops to make a unique pale ale.
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Temp. range: 51-62*
  • Attenuation: 74-78%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11-12%

Bit O' Funk Blend #2
This blend contains the 2 Saccharomyces from blend #1 for primary fermentation and is spiked with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis for development of a moderate "funk" during a secondary fermentation. The "bit o funkiness" will take extended time, 3+ months, to develop.
  • Flocculation: Very Low
  • Temp. range: 68-80*
  • Attenuation: 85%+

Bring on Da Funk Blend #3
This blend contains the two Saccharomyces from blend #1 for primary fermentation and is spiked with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and Brettanomyces Lambicus, two isolates from a Colorado brewery known for its Brett beers, and two Brettanomyces isolates from a Belgian source for a funky fruity and complex brew. Brett character will develop over time. Acid production will increase over time given exposure to oxygen.
  • Flocculation: Very Low
  • Temp. range: 68-80*
  • Attenuation: 85%+

All The Bretts
This will be an evolving blend comprised of nearly every Brettanomyces strain in our collection. When used in secondary, expect high attenuation and a fruity and funky complexity developing over time.
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Temp. range: 68-85*
  • Attenuation: 85%+
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11%

C2C American Farmhouse
A Coast to coast blend of a saison strain from a famous Northeast U.S. Brewery and a Brettanomyces strain from a Northwest U.S. brewery. The blend results in a fast developing fruity and funky farmhouse ale.
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Temp. range: 68-80*
  • Attenuation: 75-85%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

Bacterial Cultures:
Lactobacillus Blend
This blend contains two lactobacillus strains - Brevis and Plantarum - giving the blend a wide temperature range.The Plantarum strain was isolated in collaboration with Marz Community Brewing from a starter inoculated with whole malt grains. It sours efficiently at lower temperatures (65-100*) compared to other lacto species. To use the blend for kettle souring a 5 gallon batch, prepare a starter of approximately 1.040 specific gravity and pour contents of pouch into starter. Incubate 24-48 hours at room temperature to increase cell count. Prepare wort as normal and cool to 75-95*. Pitch starter into wort and allow to sour to desired level. Max levels of souring should develop within 48 hours. There is no need to hold temps at the high end of the range for effective souring due to the efficient action of the Plantarum at lower temps. When desired sourness is achieved , reboil the wort to kill the loctobacillus. Cool wort and pitch yeast to complete fermentation. To use blend for long term souring, pitch contents of pouch directly into wort of finished beer. Sourness can take up to 3 months or morew to develop. IBUs should be kept below 10 so as not to inhibit Lacto growth.
  • Flocculation: NA
  • Temp. range: 68-95
  • Attenuation: NA

Citra Hop Hash$2.25

Simcoe Hop Hash$3.25

Equinox Hops Pellets 1oz $2.65

Bravo Hops Pellets 1oz $1.90

Willamette Hops - Leaf 1oz $1.85

Willamette Hops 1oz $1.90

Warrior Hops 1oz $1.60

US Azacca Hop pellet 1oz $2.65

US Zythos Hops pellet 1oz $2.10

US Apollo Hops pellet 1oz $ 2.20

US Jarrylo Hops pellet 1oz $2.90

Tettnang Hops 1oz $1.80

Sumit Hops pellet 1oz $1.75

Sorachi Ace Hop pellets 1oz $2.25

Simcoe Hops Pellet 1lb $20.25

Simcoe Hops Pellet 1oz $2.10

Saaz Hops 1oz $1.80

Perle Hops 1oz $1.95

Nugget Hops 1oz $1.70

Northern Brewer Hops 1oz $1.75

Mt. Hood Hops 1oz $1.80

Mosaic Hop Pellets 1oz $2.10

Magnum Hops 1oz. $1.75

Liberty Hops 1oz $1.95

Horizon Hops 1oz $2.10

Hallertau Hops 1oz $1.95

Golding Hops 1oz $1.70

Glacier Hops 1oz $1.70

Galena Hops 1oz $1.75

Fuggle Hops Pellets 1oz $2.00

Crystal Hops 1oz $1.75

Columbus Hops 1oz $1.75

Cluster Hops pellets 1oz $1.95

Cluster hops 1oz- inactive $1.75

Citra hops 1oz. $2.30

Chinook hops 1oz $1.99

Centenial Hops 1oz $1.95

Cascade Hops 1oz. $1.95

Brewers Gold Hops 1oz $1.90

Amarillo Hops pellet 1oz $2.39

Ahtanum Hops 1oz $1.75

German Spalt Hops $1.99

German Hersbrucker Hops 1oz $1.80

German Hallertau Hops 1oz $1.80

German Mandarina Bavaria Hop pellet 1oz $2.90

German Hallertau Blanc Hop pellet 1oz $3.10

German Huell Melon Hop Pellet 1oz $2.90

German Saphir $2.00

WGV $1.96

Target Hop Pellet 1oz $1.85

Northdown Hop Pellet 1oz $1.79

Fuggle hop Pellets 1oz. $1.95

East Kent Golding Hops 1oz $2.05

Challenger Hop Pellet 1oz $1.80

Brambling Cross Hop pellets 1oz $1.80

Apollo Hops 1oz pellet$2.25

Jarrylo Hops 1oz pellet$2.75

Calypso Hop Pellets 1oz

Styrian Golding Pellet Hops 1oz $1.95

Dr. Rudi Super Alpha Pellet Hops 1oz $2.35

Falconer's Flight Hop Pellets 1oz $2.25

Saaz Pellet Hops 1oz $1.85

Saaz Leaf Hops 1oz. $1.90

Golding Hop Pellets 1oz $2.35

Galaxy Hops Pellets 1oz. $2.45

Summer Hops Pellet 1oz $2.80

Topaz Hops Pellet 1oz $2.10

NZ Waimea Hop Pellet 1oz $3.10

NZ Kohatu Hop pellet 1oz $2.60

Beer Ingredient Kits

Classic, premium, seasonal, and limited release lines include 30+ perfectly crafted recipes. Easy to follow instructions and everything but the equipment make these a great first brew starter. Anything else you need, we have!

Every kit includes:
• Malt extract • Specialty Grains • Hops • Yeast • Spices and flavorings • Grain bag • Priming sugar • Bottle caps • Instruction

Seasonal and Limited Releases (Call for prices and availability)

• Summer Ale (Spring) • Belgian Caramel Wit (Spring) • Pumpkin Spice Porter (Summer) • Holiday Ale (Autumn) • HopNog (Autumn) • Chocolate Milk Stout (Winter)

Gose' Kit$37.75

Passion Fruit Gose' Kit$40.50

Mexican Cerveza Kit$36.75

Chocolate Clili Stout Kit$47.75

Dunkel Weizenbock Kit (Seasonal)$45.00


American Light $28.50

ABV: 4.0%-4.5%

This recipe uses the traditional combination of pilsner malt, rice, and corn adjuncts. It is light-bodied, refreshing, and thirst quenching. A very easy recipe to brew and an excellent entry to craft brewing.


American Cream Ale $32.00

ABV: 5.25%-5.75%

An ale version of the American lager style. Clean, light, and simple to brew. Faint malt notes with a hint of corn-like presence. An easy drinker.


Continental Pilsner $35.00

ABV: 4.0%-4.5%

One of the world's classic beer styles. This recipe is best enjoyed when lagered. Pilsner malt extract produces a straw color. A dry beer that finishes with ample hop bitterness. This kit includes lager yeast that will also perform well if fermented at ale temperatures.


Gluten Free Ale $40.75

ABV: 4.5%-5.5%

At last, a Gluten free ingredient kit that can be enjoyed by all. The wort is crafted from White Sorghum and Belgian Style syrup, complemented with orange and lemon peel additions. Lightly bitter with undertones of floral and citrus from the hops. Smooth and refreshing.


Kölsch $34.00

ABV: 4.25%-4.75%

Crisp, easy-drinking ale. Straw-yellow hue similar to a pilsner, but is less hoppy, a bit sweeter, and uses pale malts and a small amount of wheat. To achieve the lager-like characteristics this ale is famous for, we recomment using a liquid Kölsch yeast.


Weizenbier $31.50

ABV: 4.50%-4.75%

Wheat malt and European hops create the recipe for this easy drinking summertime classic. Light-bodied with a smooth finish, our Weizenbier features and authentic dry wheat yeast.


Belgian Saison $42.50

ABV: 5.35%-5.75%

Light bodied, effervescent farmhouse style ale. Warm malty flavors and a slight orange hue from the steeping grains. Golden Candi Syrup lends a faint caramel sweetness and a hint of fresh plums. Belgian style yeast straight contrubutes a spicy and peppery background.


Rye Pale Ale $37.25

ABV: 5.3%-5.8%

A pale ale that uses just the right amount of Rye, Munich, and Honey malt to create a unique spiciness. Then we use three different hop varities to perfectly balance the beer...and it's dry hopped!


English Pale Ale $32.50

ABV: 4.25%-4.50%

Classic English style that yield medium-high bitterness above a foundation of caramel maltiness. Hop character is derived from a heavy bittering addition. This is a well-balanced, drinkable Special Bitter.


American Pale Wheat $35.75

ABV: 6.25%-6.75%

An easy drinking ale belnding the styles of pale ale and wheat beer. Hoppier than traditional wheat beer. American Cluster and Liberty hops lend a moderate hoppiness.


American Pale Ale $36.75

ABV: 5.0%-5.5%

Perhaps the most widely brewed American style ale. Moderately strong hop aroma and bitterness. Pale ale malt base provides deep gold, almost amber color and medium-bodied mouthfeel.


Vienna Lager $31.00

ABV: 4.50%-5.00%

Munich, Vienna, an caramel malts combine to provide a rich aroma. When lagered this beer will finish clean and dry with no fruity esters. This kit includes a lager yeast that will also perform well if fermented at ale temperatures.


India Pale Ale $39.95

ABV: 5.75%-6.25%

We use plenty of hops to accent this popular style. From the bittering to the flavoring to the aroma hops, we created the perfect balance for this clean, crips, pale ale.


German Altbier $33.25

ABV: 4.75%-5.35%

A classic German style, our Altbier is amber colored with a nice malty character. It is moderately hopped maintaining the true style of this amber hybrid. A great beer to ferment cool and cold condition.


Red Ale $33.25

ABV: 5.0%-5.5%

A medium-light bodied ale with a deep red hue. Our Red Ale is smooth and easy drinking. Nice balance of caramel malts and specialty grains. Low hop bitterness.


American Amber $31.50

ABV: 4.75%-5.25%

Pale ale malt combined with medium caramel malt create a rich, copper color. Bitterness is balanced to match the malt character. Smooth clean finish with moderate carbonation level.


German Oktoberfest $34.25

ABV: 5.35%-5.75%

Amber in color with a nice blend of Munich malt and crystal grains. Medium-bodied, malty, and finished with a distinct hop flavor. This kit includes a lager yeast that will also perform well if fermented at ale temperatures.


Scottish Ale $29.50

ABV: 3.25%-3.50%

Our Scottish Ale is full of caramel malts, both in the extract and specialty grains. Chocolate malt, roasted barley, and a touch o smoked malt bring this full-bodied malty ale to completion.


English Brown Ale $34.57

ABV: 4.25%-4.75%

Medium-bodied brew has a malty character surrounded by a nutty aroma. Crystal malts with a touch o chocolate malt create the brown color balanced by a subdied hop flavor.


Dunkelweizen $34.00

ABV: 4.75%-5.25%

Munich and chocolate malts create a darker, maltier version of Weizenbier. Amber-brown in color yet medium-bodied with a sweet, bready flavor. Specialty wheat yeast produces the characteristics phenols found in traditional Weizens.


European Bock $39.95

ABV: 6.25%-6.75%

A dark, moderately strong malty lager. Our Bock uses Munich malt extracts and darker specialty grains fro color adjustment. This kit includes a lager yeast that will also perform well if fermented at ale temperature.


Robust Poter $33.50

ABV: 5.0%-5.5%

A classic dark ale featuring chocolate and de-bittered black specialty grains. A nice, hoppy character is balanced well against this roasty full-bodied beer.


Irish Stout $34.75

ABV: 4.50%-5.5%

A dark, roasty, creamy ale. Although nearly black in color, this beer is medium-bodied and finishes dry from the roasted barley addition. Maltodextrin creates a thich, long-lasting head.


Milk Stout $32.50

ABV: 5.0%-5.5%

Bold and black, yet sweet and subtle. This recipe offers all of the chocolate and roasted notes that you would expect from a stout. Addition of Lactose produces a full body, thick, creamy head, and a sweet finish.


Belgian Stout $39.52

ABV: 4.7%-5.7%

A new twist on a classic style. The fresh coffee, wild cherry and dark stone fruit notes, chocolate, and roasted tones and slightly spicy hop character will create a stout you're not going to forget.


Belgian Golden Ale $46.95

ABV: 7.5%-8.0%

A strong golden traditional Belgian ale using only pilsner malt and authentic Belgian style candi sugars. The dry finish and light body create a canvas to showcase subtle fruit notes and moderate yeast spiciness commonly found in this style. Finishing off with predominant Belgian Lace, this ale is flavorful, refreshing, and complete.


Witbier $34.95

ABV: 4.50%-4.75%

A classic white ale brewed with wheat, barley, orange peel, and corander. It is lightly hopped and fermented with Safbrew WB-06 resulting in a fruity, spicy, refreshing beer with a dry finish.


Belgian Tripel $47.03

ABV: 8.5%-9.0%

Contains one pound of light Belgian candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in color with a creamy, white head. This kit has plenty of dried malt extract and specialty grains to accent its complexity. The hops create a mild, spicy character.


Imperial Blonde Ale $44.75

ABV: 4.50%-5.5%

Produces a malty, high-gravity, full-bodied version of this easy drinking, well-rounded beer style. Golden in color, Imperial Blonde Ale uses the lightest malt extract available and a unique balance of domestic and imported hops. A great recipe if you like big blondes!


Double IPA $48.25

ABV: 7.8%-8.3%

High gravity ale has upfront and dominant hop profile. Aromas of citrus and slight pine from the complex hop flavors are perfectly presented on a medium-light body background. Golden hue and white frothy head round out this IPA.


Belgian IPA $41.50

ABV: 5.5%-6.0%

A generous hops schedule and soft Belgian Candi Sugar combine to create this modern style ale. Our Belgian IPA includes that trademark spiciness familiar to Belgian Style Ales along with the piney, herbal, and slight citrus flavors of an American IPA.


Imperial Pale Ale $46.50

ABV: 8.0%-8.5%

This beer style has been perfected on the West Coast and we are proud to create an extract version for the homebrewer. This beer is very big, very hoppy and somewhat arrogant. Use your homebrewing skills to make the most of this recipe.


Imperial Nut Brown $45.25

ABV: 6.75%-7.75%

A rich, complex, high-gravity specialty ale. It's a full-bodied brew with plenty of hop character to balance this Imperial-style Brown Ale. The slight caramel and chocolate flavors are followed by a nutty aftertaste. Includes premium Safale S-04 yeast.


Coffee Porter $41.00

ABV: 5.1%-5.6%

Deep brown in color with a dark roasted coffee nose giving way to intense flavors of chocolate, cofee, and a slight roasty note. Medium hop bitterness brings pleasurable balance to this dark ale, making it a brew to be enjoyed at any time of the day. A classic porter - rich and robust with a Java twist.


Smoked Porter $37.00

ABV: 5.75%-6.25%

Dark brown in color, this rich, full-bodied ale is smooth with chocolate and coffee-like overtones. Smoked malt imparts a complex, pleasant aroma and flavor with a balanced and subtle hop finish.


Black IPA $42.50

ABV: 5.5%-6.0%

Moderate roast character balanced with medium-high hop bitterness and a moderate degree of caramel malt character. The distinct citrus, grapefruit and slight pine characteristics of the hops complement the roasted malt flavor and aroma of this Black IPA creating all the attributes you would expect in an American Style IPA.


Whiskey Barrel Stout $41.25

ABV: 5.5%-6.0%

Specially selected dark malt extracts and specialty grains combine to release a delightful bouquet of chocolate and roast. We have included a package of genuine whisky barrel oak chips to impart flavors of oak and whisky.


Oatmeal Stout $38.32

ABV: 5.5%-6.0%

This ale is medium-full bodied, rich and toasty in flavor. Victory malt combines with brewers oatmeal to offer a nutty yet silky character. Dark chocolate marley adds an impression of coffee.


Falconers Flight $49.00

This Extra IPA recipe showcases the superior flavor and aromatic qualities of Falconer's Flight®. This proprietary hop blend was created to honor and support the legacy of Northwest Brewing legend Glen Hay Falconer. Caramel and Munich malts lend their sweetness while the special hop blend dominates the palate... a truly unique beer to celebrate a truly unique brewer.


Pacific Coast IPA $43.25

Using select Pacific Northwest hops, we've crafted a West Coast style IPA that's big on flavor. A hardy bitterness at the start and late kettle additions create a flavor that's bursting in tropical and citrus tones, while the medium-light maltiness pulls it all together in harmony.

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